Thursday, December 3, 2009

ROTF Sunstorm part 2

The start of this project wasn't all that good. In my previous post about this, I primed it with gray primer. It was the first time I ever used that color primer and I didn't know the effects it would have nor the difficulty that I'd faced painting it yellow. So, today I started over by using white primer which is my favorite. Below, you can see that it's masked to prevent the black parts that I painted from being primed and the rest is white.

I then base painted the whole thing in Tamiya Lemon Yellow starting from the tail fins and onwards to the nose.

Afterwards, I did a quick wash to smooth it out and to see how the paint would settle once dried.

It's looking much better than my previous attempt and this teaches me a lesson on when to use gray primer. The next step is to prime the legs, since I forgot to do those, and painting it in it's robot mode so that I can get the spots I missed when it was in jet mode.

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