Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ichiban Kuji Lucky Draw Ranka Lee

The final fig in the Ichiban Kuji Premium Macross Frontier lottery, prize C Ranka Lee. She's the other heroine in Macross Frontier. She starts off as a regular high school girl who starts dreaming of becoming a singer and starts to pursue it. Anyway, she's the shows Moe girl character and was pretty good at it. The seiyuu Megumi Nakajima did a great job voicing her and her singing voice was a welcome change to a lot of the high pitched screechy not as talented seiyuu's from the past.

Onto the figure. Her colors are similar to the other figs, Primarily silver, but this time with a light green trim. Her concert costume is cute and fits her character. She comes with her pet Ai-kun and can be attached to the base.

She's got a frilly skirt painted in white with a silver skirt on top. The frills can be seen from the back as well.

Her stockings go past the knees and stops just below her skirt.

The pose is her typical "kira" pose made famous by her performance of "Seikan Hikou" that caused a bunch of unruly and rebellious Zentraedi to get massive "moe overload". It's quite a famous pose now.

Other side of the pose.

Based on the pics, it is obvious that there's plastic in between her body and her skirt. The skirt is cast-off and the plastic can be removed. She can then be posed without the skirt and she then has a sexier pose with just her panties. Alas, I faced great difficulty in pulling the figure apart to cast off the skirt. It's just as well since she went back into the box right after. However, she seems quite prudish because of this compared to how Sheryl automatically split and casted off the skirt all by herself when I pulled her out of the box. ;)

My final thoughts on this Ranka fig. The sculpt is good like the others with simple details on the dress. The color is simple, but I like it. The pose is good and captured her character well. So all in all a nice figure to have. With that my posts about these Premium figs are done.


  1. wow, she's good in her silver costume XD

  2. Thank you. She's pretty shiny too. :)

  3. I have my version since yesterday (first version, orginal color) and she is really cute ^^