Friday, December 18, 2009

Ga Rei Zero figmas announced

Yay, it's about time they made figmas from this series. When I first watched the show I thought it was very cool and really good. I loved the characters Kagura and Yomi, and of course I really liked their weapons. Now there's a figma being released for both of them.

Kagura. Her sword Michael is included with the chains. Very cool. Images are from figma blog.

There's also a Yomi being done, but it's just a prototype image.

It should look better than this custom that I found on the net.

I can't wait to pre on these figs. I just hope they're not exclusives.


  1. ga-rei zero was awesomeness! wired they never got much attention figure wise, will hopefully more yomi figures will be made in the future as shes one of my favor anime char of all time!

  2. That's true. Not much love for this show from merchandise and figure makers.