Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New rear tires for my Supra

Last week I placed an order for 2 new rear tires. My existing rear tires, Kumho ECSTA AST's, had worn to around 4% thread. I shopped around for tires and did some research. I read good reviews and decided on a pair of Continental ExtremeContact tires. However, not just the normal ExtremeContacts, but the ExtremeContact DWS's which were rated as being really good. I called a nearby America's Tire dealer and placed an order. After a week it finally came in.

This is what my Kumho tires looked like before getting replaced. Both the left and right tires are pretty worn down.

A look at them from the sides. They are on 17 inch after market rims.

The front tires are a different brand and a different size. I have Yokohama's up front at 225/45/17. The Kumho's are at 235/45/17 so it's a staggard configuration which is normal for Supras in my generation.

The DWS's that I purchased are at 245/45/17. They are a little bigger than the previous pair and I hope they last me longer.

The threads on these tires are pretty thick and the grooves are sporty with good grip.

The 2 tires cost me around $315 total and they were $128 each. I've always had a gripe about the life of my rear tires and it's clear why with the price I had to pay. Back when I was still going to college, I would buy rear tires every 6 months. The reason being that my commute to school one way was around 35 miles. Now that I don't commute as much, it's probably over a year ago that I last bought tires. I don't quite remember, but it's still not normal that my rears are wearing out that quickly. Anyway, I just hope that these last me a good 20,000 miles and I'm at 78,349 right now.


  1. nice tires. I like to see some pics 6 months later, compare before and after.

  2. Yeah, I think I'll do that. This way I know how fast it wears down.