Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ichiban Kuji Lucky Draw Sheryl Nome

The B prize figure of the Ichiban Kuji Macross Frontier premium set is Sheryl Nome. She's one of the main characters of the show and proved to be quite popular among the fans. I think she's a pretty good character and her designs with various outfits are HOT.

This figure has her wearing a stage outfit for when she's performing a concert. The design is pretty good and shows off her sexy body pretty well. The colors are primarily Silver with red trimmings and a white string on her top.

There's a big bow around the back of her waist and you can see it from the front. Below is a pic of how it looks from the back.

From her right, you can see her body a little better since her left arm isn't outstretched.

Her top is like a corset that ties just below her breasts. It accentuates her "assets" quite well.

Her skirt is sculpted to show off some skin underneath. Below, the skirt is ruffled or lifted up enough to see a little bit of ass cheek :D.

And of course, the skirt is removable so that a much sexier pose can be attained. Hmm, white panties? She seems like the type to wear a much more fancier and sexier selection.

Rear view with a better view of that bow. Looking good from the back too. :)

From her right.

From this angle it looks quite sexy.

So there it is, Sheryl Nome. The sculpt is good. The head, hair, and face isn't as great as the Megahouse one, but it's close. The color is real good since I dig the simpler color and the silver makes it even more special over the normal one. The pose is spot on to the character. Over all, this is one hot fig because of the cast off skirt. A nice addition to my collection.

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