Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Black Rock Shooter Miku Figma part 4

Yay, I'm at the home stretch. I got around to making the belt for my custom figma. I took a bit of time to brain storm and gather some materials for my Black Rock Shooter Miku. I knew I needed a belt and using a rubber band again like I did for the boot flaps would work. However, the belt buckle is a different story.

I went through some old gundam parts and I found a backpack that was used on the EZ8. It has what seems like vinyl straps with plastic buckles for adjusting the straps.

I took the buckles and found them to be too big to use for my custom figma. So, the obvious route for me was to re-size it so that it would fit. What I did was cut the bottom side off, trim the remaining bits until the belt could fit, then glue the bottom side to the remaining part. As can be seen below, the modded buckle is now smaller compared to the original and can now fit my custom figma.

After resolving the size issue, I went about painting the buckle silver and the belt white. Again, I used Tamiya Acrylic paint which served me well.

After it dried, I glued the belt onto miku's shorts. I fit the buckle in before gluing the rest of the belt onto the shorts. The results looked pretty good.

Then I brainstormed on how I can make the bra top for miku's chest. After all, black rock shooter didn't go around topless. I was going to used some black latex, but dirt and stuff tend to stick, so the final result may not look good. Then I remembered about the vinyl strap on the backpack. I took that and cut 2 triangles, a short strap, and a long strap and glued those onto miku's chest.

The glue I use doesn't take long to dry so after about a minute of waiting I put miku together to see what the final result looks like.

Oh yeah, not bad at all.

But it's still not finished. I noticed some paint rubbing off the shorts that needs to be touched up. I also need to replace the figma joints on the knees and the ponytails.

I'm also in the process of making some bare arms for swapping out the coat sleeved arms. That way I can take the coat off and her arms would be none sleeved. It's been a great learning experience so far and I'm glad I'm at the home stretch on this custom.


  1. You really had some good ideas ^_^
    If I am not wrong, this should be Nietono no Shana :P
    I am also doing myself some accessories for taking pics of my figures. Brainstorming rules ;)

  2. Love the jacket you did, and the boots are perfect.

    I hope to learn how to do custom figmas, always inspires me to, looking at others as they do customs.

    I don't mean to sound harsh, but she doesn't look like BRS. She normally has a flat chest and a very skinny body if you look at huke's illustrations. Another funny thing is her style of hair, one twin tail is shorter than the other I noticed from the illustrations. But I understand you are not finished. It does look pretty awesome.

  3. @jintoobloog: Thanks. I don't know about Shana, but definitely Miku.

    @Anonymous: Thanks. I was inspired by customizers out there and that's why I started to do customs. You have a point about Black Rock Shooter, but what I created isn't BRS. Instead it's Miku as a BRS or cosplaying as BRS.

  4. Oh I feel there is a kind of misunderstanding >.<
    In fact "Nietono no Shana" is the name of Shana's katana: I thought you used it for this custom but it seems I was wrong xD
    Where does the katana come from?

  5. Oh, I see. I didn't use the Katana that figma shana came with. That one is quite long. So for miku, I used a katana from the tenjho tenge maya trading figure.

  6. well, i don't want to be rue, but both miku and BRS are flat-chested