Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ichiban Kuji Klan Klan

So yesterday I posted the box and group shots of the Ichiban Kuji Lucky Draw Premium set from Macross Frontier by Banpresto. Whoa, it's a mouthful that one.

Anyway, onto Klan Klan. She is one of the sub-characters that pilots a Queadlun Rea and is also the unit commander of the other 2 Queadlun Reas. There's also a story line between her and Alto's friend Michael. The figure I have here is her Macronized version in her pilot suit. It's actually quite nice in person and I'm digging the silver and blue color scheme.

A closer shot of her chest reveals just how "talented" she is and makes one wonder how tight of a fit it is to get in the Queadlun Rea.

The back view. Looks good and very appealing.

She also looks good from the side and you can see the blue go up to her chest.

My final thoughts on this Klan fig is that Banpresto did a pretty good job with the sculpt. She looks like her counter part in the show and her proportions are sexy. The coloring is simple with it being Silver and Blue, but I dig simple colors like that. The pose is good like she just took her helmet off or walking away/towards her Queadlun Rea. As a Macross fan, I definitely don't regret getting this figure and I'm glad it's part of my collection.


  1. I'm digging how shiny she is and I love her "assets". I like to get this fig solo.

  2. You should see it in person. It's much better than how my pics portray her.