Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Custom Project status update

Right. A bit of an update as to where I stand with the rest of my projects. I've got some stuff primered as can be seen below. Figma Archetype She being prep for painting. I've got a couple of swords primed that will turn into black rock shooter Miku's dual black blades. Finally, I've got the 2 legs primed for my ROTF Sunstorm.

I came up with a design for a lightsaber broadsword and I've taken the parts, primed it, painted it, and modded a gundam beam saber for the blade.

I've also got a re-paint that's so intricate that I've enlisted the help of my friend Eddy, owner of Toyslogic. He's been nice enough to educate me on various paints, thinners, and different painting techniques to help me improve my skills. The project he's helping me on is something I've planned months ago, but my skills aren't enough to get it done. I'll be making a post of that one as I get some stuff done on my end. Have a Happy Holidays to all the folks out there.


  1. Hello, I'm doing a Figma project of my own, however I've ran into a few problems, namely priming my Archetype She Figma, I cannot seem to find the right primer for the joints, as it keeps tearing off upon moving, I have tried Model Master primers and now Valspar plastic primer, and I still don't think I am using the right things. This is bad of me to ask, but, exactly what kind of primer do you use on yours? As well as the process you do to the joints, please. I have tried everywhere to find out what people use on their's but to no avail.

  2. I used Tamiya primer on mine. However, the paint rubbing off on the joints happens to me as well. What I end up doing is just replacing the joints with one from a spare figma that is an appropriate color. Though, I've been told by my friend that Model Master Acrylic paint will not rub off on the joints. I've yet to try that type of paint, but when I do, I won't be priming first since the joints need a thin layer of paint for it to not rub off. I hope that helps and good luck on your project. :)

  3. I appreciate the info, as for model master paint, I've gotten the enamel paint of it, that was what was wearing off the joints along with mm primer. I think next time I go get paints, I'll look for the acrylic paints. As for figma joints, I'd probably buy an extra figma I alrdy own, as I don't want to mess with the first ones. Also, if you'd like a modelling tip, (if you don't know alrdy), on my figma project, I've basically made almost everything on her out of "Kneadatite Green Stuff", if you're decent at sculpting with putty, you can make about anything with it, also when it dries, it becomes the equal of plastic, with some flexibility, as most paints stick to it, and you can shape it with an x-acto knife with little effort.

  4. I tried enamel and didn't like it. Based on research I did, a lot of poseable figure customizers use Acrylic. I guess it worked well for them and it's suiting my needs.

    Thanks for the tip. I've thought about using putty, but I don't know much about it. Do you have a blog or site about your project? I'd like to see it.

  5. I don't have either yet, will probably soon, if I can figure out how to take pics of my project and post them, incidently, today it dawned on me I have a few spare figma joints I can use on my project, also found tamiya primer and mm acrylic.