Thursday, March 18, 2010

Claymore Miku

I've been wanting to create a Claymore Figma. Sadly, the materials I have aren't enough to make one. Although, perhaps if I use a blank Busou Shinki body then it maybe possible. Anyway, I've been messing around with my vocaloid figma, Hatsune Miku. When I gave her the sword as an accessory it definitely made her more to my liking. After all, the possibilities with this character are enormous. So in developing her character for my story, I've experimented in some customizing. My first attempt was to turn Miku into a black rock shooter. However, an actual BRS figma is forthcoming so I thought to move miku away from that. My next option then is to customize her into something that would fit her broadsword or claymore as it might be called.

A Claymore Miku. An interesting idea, yet how can such an interpretation be approached. I have thought of 2 ways. One is to actually take Miku's body and customize it into a Claymore Clare body like this figure:

The second approach is to turn Miku's vocaloid appearance into an armored version. This approach will take less work but, the end result may or may not be to my liking. In the interest of experimentation I decided to try this approach.

First, I modded the shoulder armor so that it can be placed on the figma shoulder while retaining its articulation. I did this using some glue and rubber. Next I test fitted the chest piece to see how it would look with her tie.

Miku looks pretty good with just the shoulder armor and chest piece on. However, I decided to start the modification to her legs to see if that will improve it.

I took the two bottom leg pieces and sanded the black paint off of them. Then I started to paint it silver like so.

I then finished painting it and test fitted it on Miku. I took off the skirt since I may do a skirt armor. Or maybe the lapels on her shirt can act like the skirt armor.

This still needs some work and much thought.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fate/Haruhi Wars chapter zero

While surfing the net, I came across some comic strips that other figma fans have done. Seeing them showed me that developing a storyline and making it into a comic can be fun. So I gave it a go and I think I have a fairly simple story line to go with the figmas I have.

Now, my comic was more to get me used to using Gimp 2.6. I haven't had much experience using it and I didn't really have a reason to use it until now. It's similar to photoshop and it's fun testing it out.

The comic itself is simple and this first chapter is a prologue. The first chapter will take place some short time before this chapter. So in essence, chapter zero is just a taste of what's to come.

Some previews of what may or may not show up as I do more stuff.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

February Figma Haul

I'm kinda lazy so I hardly post any of my hauls unless I feel really excited about them. So to rectify this I'm going to start by posting my figma hauls from February. I made 2 acquisitions from last month and they are Figma #55 Hakurei Reimu and Figma #58 Akiyama Mio.

Reimu Hakurei

I preordered this one from Toyslogic for around $73. It was kinda pricey, but this figma wasn't a mass release figure and was only available through a limited number of stores in Japan. Online figure stores like Toyslogic and Otacute put it up for preorder, so I guess it wasn't limited enough.

Anyway, she came with some nice accessories and 2 of the best face expressions I've seen in a while. Her annoyed or angry face:

Her drunk face:

Oh yeah. I had a good laugh posing her drunk. She just looks silly with a face like that and I love the inclusion of the sake bottle.

Mio Akiyama

Mio I preorderd at Otacute. It was my first order from that site and it went pretty well. I chose the cheapest shipping available which meant that I finally got it 2 weeks after it came out in Japan.

So by now every figma fan knows that Mio came with accurate pantsu on. I further reaffirmed this inclusion for myself by taking a gander at her shimapan.

Yeah, pervy. Speaking of perversions, I took a shot with her alternate face on as she had a bit of fun with Mikuru.

Yeah, it's evident that I've been watching way too many hentai animes lately. I should take a cold shower now.

Momentary lapses of perversions aside, I'm quite happy with this figma. Of course that doesn't say much since I'm pretty happy with all the figmas I buy. The inclusion of her shimapan, bass guitar, guitar case, and facial expressions are cool. However, I noticed that she has smaller feet than previous figmas. Also, her lower legs are a bit small. I guess that matches the character designs of the show, but I'm partial to the standard long legs. To me though, it's not a big deal and I'm still happy with this. Now I can't wait to get the rest of the girls so that I can pose them performing.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Figma Supergirl: The Disaster

Last week I was working on my custom figma Supergirl. Unfortunately when I was prepping it for painting, I accidentally broke the peg that connects the arm to the shoulder. This means that the shoulder joint is useless. I then removed the joint from the body part as can be seen below.

I now have 2 options. I can do a shoulder joint transplant from an extra figma I have lying around and continue on using that body. Or I can instead use a Figma Archetype to finish this custom as demonstrated by Supergirl Mikuru.

Ryomou: "Oh shit! He broke your shoulder!"
Mikuru: "NOOO! What have you done to my body!?"

I'll now have to take my time and figure out what I'll do next.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New project: Figma Supergirl

I've had a cold for the past week now so while I rest and recover I've been thinking of what custom figmas I could make. A lot of the anime characters I want in figma form are already officially being made. All I have to do is wait and make sure I make a pre-order. The other characters I want in figma form are ones I doubt will ever be produced. These would be characters based on American Comics.

I've already experimented and did customs of a figma Dark Phoenix and Rogue from the X-Men. Those came out pretty well despite my lack of customizing experience. Now I think it's time I get back to making some customs of other comic characters.

So here are my choices or rather ones I'd like to do if possible:

Emma Frost

She's Hot and this artist has done the best rendition I've seen. She has a skimpy outfit that doesn't really makes sense in fashion logic, if there was such logic.


She's also Hot and the outfit has been the same one since the 90's. This should be pretty easy to do since all I have to do is follow the same procedure that I used when making Dark Phoenix and Rogue.


This batgirl is the Cassandra Cain version. I think she's the first and only asian batgirl and that makes her pretty badass. She's fought using a katana as well. Using her ninja skills to take down the baddies is pretty hot. This one should be real easy to do since all I have to do is paint a figma archetype flat black all over and use some putty to shape the ears. I should buy some putty.


That Supergirl is pretty Hot. I like the costume with its short skirt and midriff. I also like this artists rendition with a pretty face and flowing blonde hair. Hotness+1. I think this one will be fun to make, but of course until I learn how to sculpt faces, all I can do is make the bodies.

Let's see how I go about starting a Supergirl figma. First I procure the body that I'll need and prep it. The prepping process for this one is to sand the chest down as much as I could. Also, I used a modeling knife to cut a bit of the chest and skirt off to make them shorter.

Then after a bit more sanding and trimming, I put it together to see how it looks.

Okay, not a bad start. I need to sand a little bit of the leg that's colored black so that the skin tone will show. I'll need to get a red cape for her too. I should start painting the chest part blue first.