Saturday, December 12, 2009

Choun White

Here's a project that I did over the summer. When I picked up my Ikki Tousen Choun figure, I was quite surprised at how green it was.

Here she is with my Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome. With shot of the back and the "lift up" feature.

After showing this to my buddy Hsunami Prime, he also commented on how green she was. He also pointed out in the pre production photos that her armor color was a light grey and almost white. This made me wonder how she would look in a white and gold color scheme. Upon hearing that, Hsu said that he'd like to see Choun in those colors. So, I took up the challenge and gave it a try.

That was a good start and I thought that maybe it wasn't such a good idea, but I kept at it and the results were pretty good.

The right side of Choun's shoulder armor is still green and unpainted. It's hard to paint it with her hair in the way and can only be done by taking her apart. So, I decided to leave it in a weird quirky sort of way. I also didn't paint her feet for similar reasons and I think leaving some green in is alright.

I learned some things while doing this re-paint and it was a very good practice for when or if I get into building resin kits. All in all I like her in the white color and I feel it better matches her than the green.


  1. The white is better for sure. We should have took a pic of her with my blue Choun.

  2. Damn, you're right. I should've taken some shots comparing yours to mine. The blue on that was pretty cool.