Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Black Rock Shooter Miku Figma part 3

Today, I set aside some time to work on this project. Specifically, the flaps on the boots. I took a piece of rubber band that we use at work to bundle up asparagus (really, I did). I cut it into appropriate lengths. I then paint it flat black and then I painted the white stripes using flat white.

As can be seen above, I also painted the white stripes on Miku's shins to represent the zipper. I let the fig sit there to dry and got to painting the left ponytail of Miku's hair. I also painted the joints to match and I painted the hair ties white.

The hair is pretty much done, except for a couple of little spots. I'll paint those when I finish this up. While the hair dried, I took the rubber flaps and glued them onto her shins. I sort of messed up on the left leg, but it's not that bad. I then put the fig back together to see how she looks.

Not bad so far. With the boots done, I can now move onto the belt. I still need to make her bra and I've gathered some materials for it. I also need to paint her hands black so that she's wearing gloves. Looks like I'm nearing the completion of this project and it feels pretty good.

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