Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Black Rock Shooter Miku Figma part 5

It's a bit of a hectic week with the holidays and all that, but what little spare time I have has been devoted to planning and working on some projects. So for my custom figma, Black Rock Shooter Miku, I've been checking out the weapons of Black Rock Shooter and she has both a black blade and a rock cannon. Below is a pic by Huke.

So, if my Miku is "borrowing" BRS's abilities, then she should also have a black blade (or two) and a rock cannon. That's why today I got started on Miku's Rock Cannon.

Like the name implies, it should be a cannon like weapon. Meaning big and powerful. I ended using the cannon off of my 1/100 scale Astrea. I started off by giving it a base coat of chrome silver.

I then let it dry. Based on the pics of BRS I've seen, the handle and trigger is inside the rear of the cannon. This means that BRS has almost half her arm inside the rear of the cannon.

That's where I stand so far for this project. After I finish painting the cannon, I'll start on the black blades. Then I'll do the touch ups on Miku and fix her coat. Finally, her bare arms are prepped and primed for painting. I don't have a lot of time right now due to the holidays and all that, but it's still fun planning and thinking of creative ways to achieve what I envisioned.

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  1. love that gun! I see she's chillin in front of Prime, UM, and Stockade. Can't tell who's parked on magnus