Monday, March 1, 2010

New project: Figma Supergirl

I've had a cold for the past week now so while I rest and recover I've been thinking of what custom figmas I could make. A lot of the anime characters I want in figma form are already officially being made. All I have to do is wait and make sure I make a pre-order. The other characters I want in figma form are ones I doubt will ever be produced. These would be characters based on American Comics.

I've already experimented and did customs of a figma Dark Phoenix and Rogue from the X-Men. Those came out pretty well despite my lack of customizing experience. Now I think it's time I get back to making some customs of other comic characters.

So here are my choices or rather ones I'd like to do if possible:

Emma Frost

She's Hot and this artist has done the best rendition I've seen. She has a skimpy outfit that doesn't really makes sense in fashion logic, if there was such logic.


She's also Hot and the outfit has been the same one since the 90's. This should be pretty easy to do since all I have to do is follow the same procedure that I used when making Dark Phoenix and Rogue.


This batgirl is the Cassandra Cain version. I think she's the first and only asian batgirl and that makes her pretty badass. She's fought using a katana as well. Using her ninja skills to take down the baddies is pretty hot. This one should be real easy to do since all I have to do is paint a figma archetype flat black all over and use some putty to shape the ears. I should buy some putty.


That Supergirl is pretty Hot. I like the costume with its short skirt and midriff. I also like this artists rendition with a pretty face and flowing blonde hair. Hotness+1. I think this one will be fun to make, but of course until I learn how to sculpt faces, all I can do is make the bodies.

Let's see how I go about starting a Supergirl figma. First I procure the body that I'll need and prep it. The prepping process for this one is to sand the chest down as much as I could. Also, I used a modeling knife to cut a bit of the chest and skirt off to make them shorter.

Then after a bit more sanding and trimming, I put it together to see how it looks.

Okay, not a bad start. I need to sand a little bit of the leg that's colored black so that the skin tone will show. I'll need to get a red cape for her too. I should start painting the chest part blue first.


  1. The artist for Emma Frost is Greg Horn. I have some of his other artwork and he definitely knows how to draw hot women. I would love to see a Emma Frost figma... heck if they made one even I would buy one

  2. Yup, I like Horn's style. I only have pics of his Emma Frost since I think it's the definitive for her. I should look up his other pics of other chix. I may do an Emma Frost figma since I broke my supergirl figma that I was working on.