Wednesday, March 10, 2010

February Figma Haul

I'm kinda lazy so I hardly post any of my hauls unless I feel really excited about them. So to rectify this I'm going to start by posting my figma hauls from February. I made 2 acquisitions from last month and they are Figma #55 Hakurei Reimu and Figma #58 Akiyama Mio.

Reimu Hakurei

I preordered this one from Toyslogic for around $73. It was kinda pricey, but this figma wasn't a mass release figure and was only available through a limited number of stores in Japan. Online figure stores like Toyslogic and Otacute put it up for preorder, so I guess it wasn't limited enough.

Anyway, she came with some nice accessories and 2 of the best face expressions I've seen in a while. Her annoyed or angry face:

Her drunk face:

Oh yeah. I had a good laugh posing her drunk. She just looks silly with a face like that and I love the inclusion of the sake bottle.

Mio Akiyama

Mio I preorderd at Otacute. It was my first order from that site and it went pretty well. I chose the cheapest shipping available which meant that I finally got it 2 weeks after it came out in Japan.

So by now every figma fan knows that Mio came with accurate pantsu on. I further reaffirmed this inclusion for myself by taking a gander at her shimapan.

Yeah, pervy. Speaking of perversions, I took a shot with her alternate face on as she had a bit of fun with Mikuru.

Yeah, it's evident that I've been watching way too many hentai animes lately. I should take a cold shower now.

Momentary lapses of perversions aside, I'm quite happy with this figma. Of course that doesn't say much since I'm pretty happy with all the figmas I buy. The inclusion of her shimapan, bass guitar, guitar case, and facial expressions are cool. However, I noticed that she has smaller feet than previous figmas. Also, her lower legs are a bit small. I guess that matches the character designs of the show, but I'm partial to the standard long legs. To me though, it's not a big deal and I'm still happy with this. Now I can't wait to get the rest of the girls so that I can pose them performing.


  1. dude, Mio and Mikuru appears to be enjoying themselves in that last shot. those facial expressions are priceless. but seeing the joints in the last 2 shots reminds me why I don't buy figmas. complete turn off for me.

  2. I'm used to the joints and they're not that bad. Yeah, the alternate faces on those two are awesome. It makes doing the ecchi poses more fun.