Thursday, March 18, 2010

Claymore Miku

I've been wanting to create a Claymore Figma. Sadly, the materials I have aren't enough to make one. Although, perhaps if I use a blank Busou Shinki body then it maybe possible. Anyway, I've been messing around with my vocaloid figma, Hatsune Miku. When I gave her the sword as an accessory it definitely made her more to my liking. After all, the possibilities with this character are enormous. So in developing her character for my story, I've experimented in some customizing. My first attempt was to turn Miku into a black rock shooter. However, an actual BRS figma is forthcoming so I thought to move miku away from that. My next option then is to customize her into something that would fit her broadsword or claymore as it might be called.

A Claymore Miku. An interesting idea, yet how can such an interpretation be approached. I have thought of 2 ways. One is to actually take Miku's body and customize it into a Claymore Clare body like this figure:

The second approach is to turn Miku's vocaloid appearance into an armored version. This approach will take less work but, the end result may or may not be to my liking. In the interest of experimentation I decided to try this approach.

First, I modded the shoulder armor so that it can be placed on the figma shoulder while retaining its articulation. I did this using some glue and rubber. Next I test fitted the chest piece to see how it would look with her tie.

Miku looks pretty good with just the shoulder armor and chest piece on. However, I decided to start the modification to her legs to see if that will improve it.

I took the two bottom leg pieces and sanded the black paint off of them. Then I started to paint it silver like so.

I then finished painting it and test fitted it on Miku. I took off the skirt since I may do a skirt armor. Or maybe the lapels on her shirt can act like the skirt armor.

This still needs some work and much thought.

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