Monday, March 8, 2010

Figma Supergirl: The Disaster

Last week I was working on my custom figma Supergirl. Unfortunately when I was prepping it for painting, I accidentally broke the peg that connects the arm to the shoulder. This means that the shoulder joint is useless. I then removed the joint from the body part as can be seen below.

I now have 2 options. I can do a shoulder joint transplant from an extra figma I have lying around and continue on using that body. Or I can instead use a Figma Archetype to finish this custom as demonstrated by Supergirl Mikuru.

Ryomou: "Oh shit! He broke your shoulder!"
Mikuru: "NOOO! What have you done to my body!?"

I'll now have to take my time and figure out what I'll do next.

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