Friday, February 19, 2010

Figmas I preordered and new stuff I'm looking forward to

Early this month I picked up Bioshock for the PS3. The end result was that I spent most of my spare time playing that awesome game. That meant no time for customizing or blogging. Now that I finished the game, it's time I get back to the swing of things.

So, after seeing pics of the new stuff coming out this year from wonderfest, I decided to make a note of what I plan on getting as well as what I've preordered. Starting with the K-on figmas. I've preordered Yui, Mio, Mugi, and I'm still trying to get a pre in for Ritsu. I just need to wait for another store to open pres or a 2nd batch later on. Azusa I definitely can't miss out on so I will be on guard when she goes up for pre. Ui is an exclusive and a minor character so if I find a good deal later then I'll get her, but if not it's all good.

Seeing that a Kos-Mos figma is gonna be made is good. I hope they keep on making figma based on other game characters. The four figmas in front of kos-mos I have preorderd. Kagura, Yomi, Lum, and Kagome. I have 2 Lums coming for a custom I've yet to decide upon. Kagura and Yomi I'm excited about. They have some nice weapons and posing them will be quite fun.

The next one is Figmas from Fate/Stay Night. I have the Fate/Extra PSP game with Mordred Figma preordered. I can't wait to get that. I also pre'd on Rider this week and I'm excited to get that in. Saber Alter is a good one to get when it comes out for pre. I'm skipping Archer due to my no figma dudes rule.

Then the Eva girls. I'm definitely pre'ing on all 3 and I may get doubles since I got some ideas for customising their plug suits. It just depends on when they come out and how much.

Finally is this Figma that I don't know the name of. Actually I read what the name and series that she comes from, but forgot where I saw it. Oh well, she looks different from my other figmas so I'll get her if possible.

Oh, and also the Sekirara figmas. I don't know if I'll be able to get any since they are packed with the game and maybe only available in Japan. I'd like to get at least some of them if possible.

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  1. I counted 28 figmas here... I assume thats +28 to your figma count. I kinda like the upper middle figma in the Sekirara pic.