Wednesday, October 14, 2009

X-Men figma repaints

One of my biggest customs over the summer was making some X-Men Figma out of the Figma Archetype:She. I ordered 6 of these Figma exclusives for customizing and after receiving them I thought about what I can do with them.

Back when I was younger I was quite a big fan of the X-Men series and the costumes of the female characters are just full body tights which looked really on them. Anyway, I made a list of my top 5 favorite hot X-Women and proceeded to get some pics of them to study their costume. I then decided on my first subject, Jean Grey AKA as the Phoenix.
The green and the gold looked good. While that would be cool to do, I decided to go with the Dark Phoenix instead.
This color scheme is better in that she has an edge to her in both look and attitude. I went about painting the figure and half way through it I decided on my 2nd character to do, Rogue.
Now that I had the pictures as reference and I was progressing alright with my painting I hit a snag. I didn't have heads to use for my figures. I'm not that good yet that I can sculpt out faces and hair so I improvised and used some heads from my figmas for the time being. Here are the results.

I learned some good lessons doing these repaints. There are different types of paints for different materials. I got some proper mixing paints practice since improper thinning and mixing results in a not so smooth paint. Also, the joints will chip the paint off once dried. So there it is my first figma repaints and I hope I can do a better job the next time around.

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