Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Transformers Toys

Just saw this over on and I'm happy to see some new molds that actually looks good. First up is the Human Alliance Barricade.

This one I might get since I like the Saleen Mustang design. Now on the the good stuff.

Voyager class Mindwipe is a good looking piece. I can see some potential in repainting this as a proper soundwave movie toy. The scout class Skystalker can attach to Mindwipe kinda like a minicon.

Then there's deluxe class Brawn. This one has hints of his G1 color scheme and it looks good. I've been wanting a Brawn and this one will definitely do. Painting it more G1 would be cool.

And then there's another TFA Lockdown toy. This one seem to be in TFmovie styling and looks better than the original Lockdown toy. I think I'll be getting this one.

There's also a deluxe class Ratchet coming out, but I already have the voyager class. There's also a scout class scattershot, but the scout class are small and I don't usually collect those. Check the rest out on for details.

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