Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, I've started this blog to document my journey into figure customizing. Toys and figures have become quite popular as collectibles. Yet, there are those collectors who likes to do more to their collection than just play with or display them. As a collector of Transformers, Anime PVC figures, and MG Gundam builder, I too caught the customizing bug.

So far I've studied up on how to do re-paints and I've been trying to improve my painting skills as I go along. That's probably the most I do for customizing for now. However, as I progress I'd like to get into more modifications and sculpting someday.

One final note is that I'm going to blog about my figures and customs primarily, but I may just post something unrelated like cars, movies, video games, and coding from time to time. Not a whole lot, but a couple might sneak in there.