Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Transformers projects post

I lost my internet connection last week and I'm gonna try to resolve that issue with my provider next week. I'm too busy with work and stuff to deal with them at the moment. So for now, while sitting here at work and taking a break from some tasks, I will post a couple of pics of stuff that I've done and plan on doing. First up are the simple repaint to the insecticon weapons from the Fansproject insecticons set:
Here's the group test shot of the shinier weapons on the individual bots.
And just for kicks, my Soundwave with his minions in my classics collection.
Pics of my repaint of Terradive. I was thinking of doing some kind of seeker type group with just this mold.
A couple of Arcees I've been working on when I feel like it.
Preview of my Optimus Prime model kit that I did last year. This one I will post about later when I have the time.
Finally, I got some plans for these 2 later on as well.


  1. I like that last pic of Breakdown and Knock Out. I can't wait to get my Breakdown. For Knock Out, I think you transformed the left arm wrong. That is how mine looked til I looked at the instructions...

    1. Yeah, I transformed it wrong that first day and had it fixed fixed the following day. It seemed odd at the time and I didn't think to look at the box pic until later. Anyway, breakdown is cool and you'll like him.