Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WIP: Nemesis Prime part 2

Continuing on with my current project Nemesis Prime, AKA RID Scourge. I got more black paint and got the main body painted.
After that, I painted the detail parts in teal as an homage to the RID Scourge character, even though I don't like RID as a series and I don't like that the character is called Scourge.
Then I painted the legs in Metallic Black so that it won't be the same shade as the gloss black I used mainly for the body.
I still have much to do to finish this custom. But I got kinda excited and I decided to put him back together before I'm done with the detailing and painting up the rest of his tanker.
I'll be painting the detail in his ab section then I'll be painting up the tanker bits in teal so that it'll match up. I should be done after that. Until next time.


  1. dude looking good so far. Why is the face all black?

    when did you get that jet Vehicon?

  2. The face still needs some detailing in the eyes, but it's all black to match his color scheme. I just got that jet vehicon monday. It's a nice one and I recommend it.