Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Figma Rogue 2nd version

Back in the day I made a couple of custom X-men figmas. One was of the character Rogue and the other was Dark Phoenix. I was satisfied with my work on them and I knew that I would go back and redo them someday. So last month I actually went and redid Rogue.
I took my original Rogue apart, sanded the paint off as much as I can, and then cleaned her. I then tried my hand at sculpting her lower body area so that I can get rid of the plastic undies. After a couple of attempts I think it turned out alright. WIP pics were not taken so all the pics here are of the after.
I bought a love plus figma so I could use the head. I painter her bangs white to make her look more like Rogue. I think her face makes her look like a Rogue that came out of a moe anime adaptation.
I also sculpted in her boots' knee guard and the end of her gloves. I let all that I sculpted dry and cure. I then primed all the pieces and painted them yellow. I painted on the green using a brush afterwards when the yellow dried.
There's still a little bit of cleaning up to do on some parts of the paint but, all in all I'm quite happy with this version.

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