Monday, July 23, 2012

WIP TF Prime Megatron 2

Last night I finally found that neck joint that I lost. It was just in time too since I was ready to put Megatron back together. Here's the result thus far:
Vehicle mode looks pretty good. The undercoat shading effect is subtle and it still gives off a nice detail. On to the bot mode:
One thing a lot of folks have noticed is the detail in the eyes. Too bad that there was not paint applied to make it stand out more. So I put in a white base coat and carefully painted it orange. Now his eyes are accurate to the show and stands out more.
The eyes make him look even more menacing. Very fitting for the character and shows that Megs is not to be messed with.
Knockout: "Lord Megatron! You look absolutely fabulous!"
Megatron: "Grrr!"
Megatron to Megatron: "Hmm, looks good. I think I shall under go the process next."
The only thing left to do with this project is paint his cannon purple and add some small paint details to the body. That should finish it up.


  1. Dude, awesome job! Megs is now pure bling.

    1. Thanks man. I'd like to pick up another one to do in a shinier paint scheme. The one I have now I'm quite happy with.

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  3. Question, what paints / specific colors did you use on this? I've been using flat black Testors spray followed by a matte gloss to improve (IMO) all the translucent guns in the Cyberverse lines, and Testors chrome & matte finish to polish up blade weapons.

    But chrome is probably too reflective for the metal look in this right? What combos did you use? Thanks!