Sunday, July 22, 2012

WIP: TF Prime Megatron

Anyone who has bought the voyager class Megatron from Transformers Prime would have noticed how lacking in paint the toy has. The mold itself is quite good and captured his appearance in the show quite well. I liked the engineering of the toy and the texture of the body panels. However, I felt that the bare plastic look was a detriment to my enjoyment of such a great toy. So, what's a fan like me to do? I chose to take it apart and prep it for paint.
Taking it apart was simple enough. Unfortunately, I lost the neck joint due to carelessness. I guess it's been a while since I've taken something apart and forgot the basics. Anyway, after washing all the pieces in warm soapy water and letting them dry, I masked the legs so that I can preserve the purple color. I then sprayed a base coat of black, then let it dry. I then carefully sprayed a couple of light layers of silver to each one. Here are the pieces drying in my window.
While the leg bits were drying I went to work on the arms and chest. Same process as the last. Base coat of black, then light coats of silver, and let dry by the window.
After hours of letting it sit and dry. I test fitted the pieces back and then put those pieces together. This way I won't lose a screw or pin. I purposely left some of the black base coat show to add to the detail of the toy. Of course my aim is to have Megatron look as silvery as I like, so not much of the base coat really shows.
The work I've described till now was done on Tuesday. Today I went to work on the rest of the pieces. Here's what I have so far.
Now I'm just gonna let the paint cure and maybe test fit it tonight. By then, Eight hours should have past since I finished painting these parts. My biggest concern now is finding that neck joint or going ahead with modding a new neck joint for Megs. Until next time.

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