Friday, January 1, 2010

FIgma Meiya repaint part 1

Happy New Year! My first post of the year and with a new year comes a new project. I've mentioned before that I planned a repaint and got my friend Eddy to help me out with it. He is painting the flesh parts for me, since it's a little intricate for my noobish skills, and I'm painting the limbs. Here's a preview.

For my past customs, I've always used water based Acrylic paints. However, for Meiya, Eddy uses Model Master Acrylic paint to paint the body and so I'm trying out the same paint. The thing is that Eddy is much more experienced, very professional, and he has the right tools such as an airbrush. All I have are a couple of brushes and so trying out new paint will lead to some mistakes. Anyway, it's good learning experience for me. Aother note is that he has my Meiya figma and all I was able to take home was the leg. So here's the leg on my other Meiya figma which I have at home.

So there it is. The leg is still not done though and still needs some white. It also needs some touch ups and detailing. There's also the rest of the figma, such as the limbs, to do. So that's my Meiya figma and this is how it starts.


  1. not bad. Looking forward to the rest.

  2. Hey, remember me? I was asking you awhile back about what primers you used. I decided making my own blog about my various projects, and posted my Figma project if you want to check it out.