Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Figma Makina and some fun

Last year I pre-ordered a Makina Hoshimura Figma from Toyslogic. I then got an email that she was delayed, then another a month later, until finally I got an email that she was canceled. I was quite upset so I talked to my friends, the owners, about it. They told me that their suppliers couldn't get any since there was shortage in Japan. I left it at that, but later on I watched an episode of Shikabane Hime that stars Makina Hoshimura. In the show she's a dead girl who hunts down and eradicates other corpses and monsters. I only saw the first episode, but it was cool enough to make me sad about not getting the figma.

Fast forward to this year, a couple of weeks back and I thought about not having a Makina figma. I checked out ebay and the prices were starting at $59 without ship. I kept checking and 3-4 days later I found one seller reducing the price to $46. Now at that price it's quite expensive for a figma. Especially since I had it pre'd at $27 from TL. Add to that the $10 shipping and it's $56 total. However, the figma is quite rare nowadays and Max Factory seldom do a second run of characters that aren't as popular as mainstream ones. So, I went for it and I got it in the mail a week later.

And there she is. She came in a nice box that has some reds and black to it which fitted the shows theme. She didn't come with a lot of stuff though. Just 2 faces, the serious one and a gritted teeth one, 2 Uzi's, 2 blast effects, a pair of hands in a grabbing pose, the usual tray of extra hands, and the usual stand. Now obviously the cool bits are the Uzi's with the blast effects and I posed her fighting Mikuru straight away.

Oh yeah! Girls with guns are hot. She has the usual figma points of articulation which are quite good and allows for some dynamic poses. Her twin tails at the back of her head are on ball joints and has adequate amounts of articulation.

The colors and the sculpt are what draws me to Figmas and the quality is as good as the ones I already own. There are no blemishes, chips, or cracks. The only flaw is that the left hand joint is a little loose which causes it to point down with the Uzi.

So there it is. Figma Makina Hoshimura from the series Shikabane Hime. She's a little plain with her school girl outfit, but the Uzi's make her quite a badass. Apparently, not quite as bad as battle waitress Mikuru though. However, Makina's the only Figma that I regret not getting last year, and now that I have her all is right in my Figma world.

Now for some random fun. With Mikuru battling Makina, Haruhi was up to some shenanigans of her own.
Saber: "Somethings not quite right here."

Saber: "And why am I bloody naked? Where are my trousers?

Haruhi attacks and gets Saber on the ground.
Haruhi: "He he. Looking good there miss pervert."

Saber: "You must be the one that stole my trousers."

Saber: "That's quite tough, that bat. It can take on even the most legendary of swords."

Saber: "Now it's time you get off of me, wench."
Haruhi: "Ow, crap!"

Their battle has only begun.


  1. those pics of Makina and Mikuru came out nice. I love the expression on Haruhi, that's her trademark "up to no good" face.

  2. Yeah, my pics have been much better with the new camera. I can adjust the focus of the picture depending on if I want mikuru or makina to be clearer in the action shots. I figured Haruhi would make that face sneaking up on Saber.