Thursday, February 4, 2010

Figma Cute from Queens Blade PSP game

I finally got in my Queens Blade Spiral Chaos PSP game limited edition from Toyslogic. However, I wasn't able to open it and mess around with it since I've been trying to perfect my Fried Rice recipe. After my last attempt, I finally succeeded and so here's a pic of my efforts. It's a 3 meat fried rice consisting of smoked peppered bacon, canadian bacon, angus beef hot dogs, eggs, green onions, carrots, seasonings, toyomansi, and a packet of nasi goreng seasoning.

Yummy! I can feel it clogging my arteries as I type this.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. Here's some pics of the box. Front, back, and sides.

And the contents. It comes with the PSP game, a CD, a Visual Book, and of course the figma of Cute.

Cute is quite a detailed figma. Her costume is accurate to the design and is made of soft rubbery material for better posings.

She comes with her big bladed weapons, a total of 3 face parts, the usual set of hands, a figma stand, and the "shift" body part.

The shift body is a fixed body that has been sculpted to look like Cute's clothes has been torn off from battle. It's quite hot and revealing. The limbs and head are taken off the normal figma body and reattached to the shift body.

There's not a lot of pose-ability in this configuration, but the character is part of Queens Blade so fanservice takes precedence. Besides, she's got a nice rear bumper.

This figma is my third game exclusive and like all the other exclusives, it's one of the better figmas in my collection. It's sculpted well, paint is gorgeous, the shift body is an interesting way to pose it battle damaged, and the overall presentation is what I come to expect from a figma game exclusive.

Now onto some fun. Cute has been fighting Alleyne, but she's been overpowered. In comes Saber to help her out.
Cute: "Aww, my favorite panties are ruined and my tush is showing."
Saber: "Stand aside girl. I'll win this battle."

Alleyne: "A new challenger?"

How will this battle end? Who knows, they all look hot so it doesn't really matter.


  1. hey she's got stars in her eyes! someone must've beat her senseless. I like the pic of miko on the CD cover. she needs to lose that robe.

  2. Yeah, the stars are trippy. Tomoe's top is almost off. That's as far as they wanted to go with that I guess.