Friday, November 6, 2009

ROTF Prime re-paint

When I first bought the new Leader Class Optimus Prime, I thought it was a very good toy. It was much better than the first leader prime toy and the transformation from truck to robot and back is brilliant. However, after messing around and playing with Prime I noticed that the color isn't movie accurate. So after researching and comparing the movie cg with the toy, I decided to re-paint to make it more movie accurate.

I started off by experimenting by painting just the right side. I used a silver chrome acrylic and it looks shiny.

Here's a close look. So far not bad. It'll look better after the clear coat.

Here's a closer look at the leg. The gold looks real good for the detail part of the joints. I'm going for a metallic blue and red for the other details. So that's it for now and I don't know when I'll be able to continue this project. I've got other customs I'm doing, so this has taken a back seat for now.


  1. Nice job on the repaint. I wish I had these skills :( It looks like that Japanese version that will be released. Maybe we will get a Premium version like last time with this kind of paint job.

  2. If a premium does come out, it better not have a mouth just like the japanese version.