Saturday, November 7, 2009

Figma Projects

As a Figma fan and wannabe customizer I have some work in progress stuff I'm working on.

Lacus is pretty much done as I said in my previous post. Cheerleader Miku. I painted the hair metallic green and I'm thinking of painting her top silver. Her sleeves I'll paint silver too, but I'm thinking of painting her stockings with blue stripes.

Claymore Clare and Fate/Stay Night Rider. I did some test fitting and experimenting to see how I can do the customs. There's still some issues I have to resolve, but hopefully I can successfully do the custom.


  1. As I said on, your Lacus Clyne is looking good. Looking forward to your finished work!

    Btw may I ask where the coat is from? From a trading figure itself with some modification?

  2. Thanks Q. I got the coat from another trading figure that I got a while back. There's an entry of it on tsukiboard

    I just took the coat off and fitted it on. Since it's made out of soft rubber material, it doesn't get in the way of posing the figma.

  3. what type of paint did you use? my figma's bangs got scratched, tried to fix it with blue nail polish--big mistake,trying to figure out how to fix it.

  4. I used Tamiya Acrylic paints. They're water based so you can wipe it off with a damp cloth if you screw up.

  5. and more question ^_^;;
    where can I buy this, online..?
    and i'm kind of new on fixing up figmas so if you have any tips that would be awesome ^^

  6. You can buy the paints from any hobby store. Most of the ones online do sell them, including the manufacturer themselves. For fixing your figma, I suggest sanding it first if it needs to be smoothed out. Then prep your paint, put a base coat down, let dry, and then put a couple of coats down to smooth it out.