Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIP Toyswold's Hegemon AKA G1 Megatron

I picked up Toyworld's version of G1 Megatron, which they called Hegemon, and found it to be a nice figure. It's pretty much what every true Transfan wanted in a classic Megatron. The gun mode is pretty solid and the robot mode is outstanding. It's well articulated and comes with a good amount of accessories. The only disappointment is in the paint. Hegemon/Megatron comes in a grey plastic. The color of which is fine and for most folks it'll do. Personally, I don't like paying over $100 for a fig and find it lacking in color. For that matter, I don't like paying for a fig in general and find it lacking in color. So, while finishing up my Nemesis Prime repaint, I decided to start taking Hegemon/Megatron apart. I started with the legs since they seem to be the easiest to take apart and prep. Nothing special on the prep, just take them apart carefully, wash in warm soapy water, sand some of the nubs out, prime, and then paint. Here's the progress:
I chose Metallic Black on the legs. It's a subtle change and the black plastic was alright but, I like to add something to them even if it's a little bit. The next parts to do was the thighs and feet. This one had no sanding or priming done since it wasn't necessary. I chose a nice shade of silver similar to the one I used with my TF Prime voyager Megatron.
Here's the pieces put back together after letting the paint dry and cure overnight.
The next post shall be on the arms. Here's a peek at them base coated in black.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WIP: Nemesis Prime part 2

Continuing on with my current project Nemesis Prime, AKA RID Scourge. I got more black paint and got the main body painted.
After that, I painted the detail parts in teal as an homage to the RID Scourge character, even though I don't like RID as a series and I don't like that the character is called Scourge.
Then I painted the legs in Metallic Black so that it won't be the same shade as the gloss black I used mainly for the body.
I still have much to do to finish this custom. But I got kinda excited and I decided to put him back together before I'm done with the detailing and painting up the rest of his tanker.
I'll be painting the detail in his ab section then I'll be painting up the tanker bits in teal so that it'll match up. I should be done after that. Until next time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WIP: Nemesis Prime

A project I've been wanting to do since I got my Reveal the Shield G2 Optimus Prime is a Nemesis Prime repaint. I'm going to do both the figure and the battle tanker upgrade set by Maketoys so that the complete set will match. After much time procrastinating, I decided to just get it over with and take the figure apart. The heat here has been hitting up to 112 degrees, so sometimes I take short cuts and that left me with some sloppy newbie mistakes. Anyway, the progress thus far below:
I'm using a gloss black to make it a little shinier. I do like my stuff shiny so it's only natural I go with a gloss black. The tanker is also shiny.
Kinda like my Primus is also shiny.
Primus I'll have to do a separate post. I'm pretty happy with my work on him and he's the first large transformer I've repainted. Hopefully my next post will be the completion of Nemesis Prime. Until then.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Transformers projects post

I lost my internet connection last week and I'm gonna try to resolve that issue with my provider next week. I'm too busy with work and stuff to deal with them at the moment. So for now, while sitting here at work and taking a break from some tasks, I will post a couple of pics of stuff that I've done and plan on doing. First up are the simple repaint to the insecticon weapons from the Fansproject insecticons set:
Here's the group test shot of the shinier weapons on the individual bots.
And just for kicks, my Soundwave with his minions in my classics collection.
Pics of my repaint of Terradive. I was thinking of doing some kind of seeker type group with just this mold.
A couple of Arcees I've been working on when I feel like it.
Preview of my Optimus Prime model kit that I did last year. This one I will post about later when I have the time.
Finally, I got some plans for these 2 later on as well.